This class is all treadmill.  Working out on a treadmill is BORING especially if you do it everyday by yourself. With this class, it is all cardio and never BORING.  It's never the same class, always different to challenge you and to keep it from getting stale.  Working out on a treadmill doesn't have to be lonely.  Do it in a class with others and the time will fly.  Doing treadmill workouts in a class setting helps by challenging to go hard, work harder because you have others doing it with you to push you along.  Getting your cardio in doesn't get much better than this.  It's great for all fitness levels because you control your speed.  Everybody is at different fitness levels but the doesn't mean you can't all work together and have fun while doing it!!! Great for runners especially because it helps to build up endurance and strengthens the quadriceps making you a strong runner, especially when running up this hills! Class length: 

60 minutes.  (Fitness level:  All levels).

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