Mission Statement:  

You may ask yourself "Boutique?"  

The reason why we are Velocity Fitness Boutique is because we offer exclusivity.  Our classes are intentionally smaller in size, therefore we can focus on your form and technique, to maximize your workout, and to assist you in meeting your fitness goals.  At Velocity Fitness Boutique, you will be greeted with an open and friendly atmosphere, where you are not a number, but a family member.  Our classes are catered to your needs, and not just a random assembly line workout.  The music is good, the conversation is fun, and the workout will produce results.  From the first time you walk through our doors you will quickly realize why Velocity Fitness Boutique will become one of the best parts of your day.

Classes offered: 
1.  TRX Suspension Training (beginners and intermediate)
2.  TRX/Tread
3.  Tread
4.  Tread/Muscle
5.  All About Muscle
6.  Zumba
7.  Zumba/Muscle
8.  Cardio Kickboxing
9.  Circuit Mix-up

Coming soon:
Stability Ball Strength
Tread/Cycle Interval
Tread/Cycle/Rowing Interval
Bootcamp Relay (coming in the spring)

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